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ProIndia Healthcare, a Nutraceutical company was launched in year 2012. We believe and practice Vocal for Local Campaign. Our vision is to become global company with minimum presence in 30 countries by 2025. Our mission is continuously contributing for Healthy India. ProIndia Healthcare is mainly catering to nutritional segment as it is the need of hour and upcoming shoot of healthcare industry. It is well said.. "Sound mind is in the Sound body/ Health is wealth".

Further, Hippocrates quotes
"Let food be thy medicines and medicine be thy food"

We are launching mainly macronutrient, specifically albumen protein important nutrient of the body. Scientifically, proven WHO gold standard protein. Albumen protein from egg white, followed by Chicken Protein both are gluten free, sucrose free, lactose free and we also have whey protein for veggie customers. Further, we would also be launching Omega 3 fatty acids and MCT Powder in near future. We are group of Pharma professional gained experience from various renowned companies like Cipla, Cadila, Glaxo, Lupin, Indoco, Unichem, Nicholas Piramal, Bayer, Akumentis, Sun Pharma and so on working across country to share and service Nutraceutical Industry. We are sure that our contribution to industry would be significant and everlasting..


For Your Patients
Revolution In Clinical Nutrition
High Biological Value Protain From Egg White In.



Lactose Free & Gluten Free.
Easy chicken based well cooked protein-easily
digestible.Support rapid weight gain.


We are dedicated team of passionate professionals with expertise in sales & marketing in pharma & nutrition segment.Presently associated with renowned nutrition company of India from last 5 years. Due to changed life style there are rise in lifestyle diseases in India i.e. Diabetes, cancer, obesity, renal diseases, cardio-vascular diseases …etc As per IMS data India’s nutrition segment is accounted to Rs.7690 Cr with growth of 10 % till Jan’2017. Nutrition plays an important in management of lifestyle diseases as well as recovery of ICU patient. It increases pharmacological repose of drugs hence speeds up recovery of patient.Especially when it comes to ICU patient, enteral nutrition is preferred to fulfil daily need of patient.We are keen to start our new venture in enteral nutrition segment.